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A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

How it all began.. July 6, 2009

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Its a story as old as time..American girl meets British boy, they fall madly in love then spend the next 4 years trying to figure out a way to live on the same continent… that’s the (really) short version, here begins the full tale..

After months of research on our options and trying to figure out which was the best avenue, I officially began the process to acquire a fiance’ visa in January of this year. I never thought it’d be a breeze to join the boy in the UK but man i did not expect it to be quite this hard!

Initially, the boy met with a immigration legal advisor in Glasgow in hopes of confirming that we were in fact making the right decision and that they could help us get started. This particular agency offered their advice for free, so I can’t complain too much, but they didnt really help too much or tell us anything we didnt already know (I had done and still am doing mounds of research).

So at that point we thought, ok..they didnt know anything we didnt already know, maybe we don’t need to hire a legal advisor! That idea was pretty quickly squashed once we started to have a look at the application and were confused by more than a few of the questions. Not to mention I’d read that if you submit a visa application once and are rejected, that your chances of success on subsequent applications are grim. Plus it costs (at least) $800 just to apply, even if you are rejected. So those stakes were too high to risk wingin’ it in my opinion.

After that I started searching for local lawyers who dealt with immigration, only they all seem to work with people trying to get into the country, and not so much people trying to get the hell out.

In the end I went with a company I found online and has an office in Minneapolis called Global Visas. I was a bit nervous about using a company that was so far away. But I’ve been really happy with them and despite my having called them often enough that they know me by first name, they’re always polite and work in a very timely manner (except on the UK side occasionally though i’ve learned that customer service means something completely different over there).

So my suggestion is, get yourself someone who knows what they’re doing!

more later..


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