Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

The Waiting Game July 6, 2009

Filed under: the process — rhet @ 9:16 pm

I’ve dreamed about this day for months. No more mounds of paperwork to fill out, forms to scan and email here, people to call there, websites to log into and enter data, papers to print and organize, obsessing and stressing over every detail of my visa application to make sure it was in perfect order.

Yes, I sent out my paper application to the British Consulate in Los Angeles today. The. final. step.

But then this morning when I was compiling it all for the last time, I started to get extremely stressed out and nervous. Thinking about how after I send it off theres nothing left I can do, nothing else to perfect, nothing I can add to build my case, its out of my hands. And if I messed something up, thats it. Game over.

So now I wait and hope that the British Consulate deams me worthy of entrance into their country. Wish me luck.

Thankfully, after handing my precious package over to the postman, I took my little sister to see Ice Age 3 and proceeded to eat too much junk food to distract myself. Worked like a charm. My adorable 6 year old sister and her sunny disposition didn’t hurt either.


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