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Oh the Places You’ll Go! July 10, 2009

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it’s kind of crazy to think that I’ll be permanantely relocating to Glasgow as of September 2nd (tickets booked and paid for yeah!) and have actually only been overseas once when I visited the boy during Christmas last winter. I’ve been fascinated with Europe, it’s history and culture since I was a kid though and done my share of moving round the US, but somehow getting out of the country just never really fit into the plan.. till now! This has however given me lots of time to think about where I want to go and I certainly hope to make use of my new proximity to, well pretty much everything.

The boy and I are flying into Manchester to visit his family, will be staying in London for a few days to see his best man and hittin up Paris for the honeymoon so that’s a good start I think!

here’s the other places I’d love to see(in no particular order):


…and all the unknown places in between!

anywhere I left off the list that just can’t be missed?

p.s. I also really want a sweet vintage suitcase to put stickers all over..hmm


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