Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

Shock and Awe July 18, 2009

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177 days

Up until now, the boy and I have had a loong history of not being able to keep secrets long enough to surprise eachother but my oh my did he get me this time.

A few weeks ago, my mom sent me an email that was supposed to have gone to the boy and i had a feeling that they were up to something. I tried to just let it go and let the surprise take its course but…i couldn’t! i have little control once the curiousity gets hold. it wasnt long till i was asking the boy questions and prodding my mom for info. the boy blatantly denied it but my mom burst the bubble by urging me to just let it go and let him surprise me if he wanted to.

So i decided yes, i should just be a good girlfriend and shut up and curb my curiousity, imagining how sad he’d be and how bad i’d feel for foiling another surprise. Then the next morning as we were talking and I was doing a perfect job of not asking anymore questions, he gives in and tells me he was planning on arriving on Friday instead of Saturday like he’d told me. awww! I did in fact feel really guilty and horrible for screwing up such a cute plan.

The weeks went on and I arranged my work schedule to have Friday off and about a week before his arrival my mother began urging me to get food bought, bedroom set up, etc as soon as possible, which i attributed to her typical obsessive planning and preparation.

But then, as I came home from work Wednesday night, I walked down the path to my house and found him standing on my deck! This is where the shock and awe comes in. I could barely think of anything other than how amazed and ecstatic I was that he was finally here. Before I knew what was happening he said he he had a surprise for me (as if home showing up early wasn’t enough) he got down on one knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket, proposed! I was so bowled over by the thoughtfulness of this whole operation, I nearly forgot to say yes, but eventually I got it out.  Plus, we decided to be engaged about 6 months ago, so saying yes wasnt exactly a necessity. My family then appeared out of their hiding spots just inside the door where they’d watched the whole thing, telling me how they’d all been involved in the planning behind my back, which is actually one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.

Since a great portion of the boy and i’s relationship has been spent long distance, my parents and family havent gotten much of a chance to get to know him and i was worried he wouldnt become a part of the family in the way i hoped (my family is both large and very close, incidentally). But if they can all scheme and sneak to plan a surprise for me then clearly, he’s in!

So not only has his place in my life been solidified that much more, but also his place in my family.


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