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It’s Official, its Harder for Men to Organise a Wedding September 30, 2009

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You often hear complaints of wives to be having uninterested and unhelpful future husbands when it comes to organising a wedding. This may well be true, however it seems that should these men take an interest, perhaps try and organise a few parts of the wedding or in fact do pretty much anything with the word wedding attached will hit one common major pitfall.

So what is it? It’s fairly simple, they don’t really want to talk to you. Who doesn’t want to talk to you? Pretty much anyone, the venue, the registrar, the cake decorator, they’re all interested in talking to one person and that person really isn’t you. ¬†As an example, we’ve chosen a beautiful venue which I checked out many months ago, I organised the place, signed for it, paid for it, gave them my contact details. But who do the correspondence letters always come addressed to? My fiancee of course, because clearly having been completely in control of the situation I am now redundant because there’s a woman they can contact.

This behaviour is very common in the wedding industry and something I’m starting to tire of, why make extra obstacles for the rare man who actually wants to help with his own wedding? You never know, he might actually be competent at it.


Bonne Chance September 23, 2009

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108 days

In an effort to make better use of my time (instead of moping around the house, checking my email obsessively for a message from the consulate..) I’ve decided to start teaching myself French!

I’ve always wanted to learn the language and with our honeymoon set to be in Paris, I figure what better time to give it a go! Plus I won’t legally be allowed to work in the UK until January so I’ll have plenty of time to practice.

For now I’m using home made flash cards and free iphone apps to get started, but I was planning getting Rosetta Stone eventually.

Has anyone else used this program? Of course the website says lots of great things about it but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s given it a try as to whether or not they liked it!

wish me bonne chance!

In other news, the fair’s in town this week (biggest street fair in the state might i add), so i’ll get to fill up on the local delicacies (using the word delicacy lightyly here..) before heading out. I see funnel cake, caramel apples, fried oreos and apple dumplings in my future!


Don’t Tell the Bride September 16, 2009

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Shhhhhhh! No I’m kidding, I’m not foolish enough to write on our shared blog about something the girl shouldn’t know.

Instead I’m writing about something that caught my attention recently and quite frankly, has bugged me ever since. For those that don’t know, in the UK there’s a television channel called BBC Three. Nothing wrong with that, I like the BBC and quite a few shows that are on that specific channel, but what I can’t stand is a show based on the assumption that men (or women) are useless.

The show called “Don’t Tell the Bride” is based on the principle that men sit back and do nothing whilst women plan every last detail of the wedding. The BBC offers to pay for their wedding (up to a limit of course) but with just one rule, the man has to plan the entire wedding, because of course, he must be useless at such a thing and therefore the whole thing will be a train wreck! Brilliant TV carnage must surely ensue!

Now I understand that men traditionally are less involved in weddings than women, but thats often because we aren’t exactly encouraged to participate. “It’s all about her!” is often quoted at me by men and women alike to which thankfully, the girl and I laugh and tell them it’s not so. Men are perfectly capable of planning a great wedding, as the show eventually goes on to usually prove, however the constant jabs at the husband to be’s ability to organise such an event make this program about as progressive as raising your daughter to believe her only choice is to be a stay at home mom.

I think the BBC execs might, in future, want to produce shows that have a little decorum and leave the trash TV to itv, because they seem so very good at it.


Lesson of The Day

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117 days

Apparently nonrefundable doesn’t mean all is lost if you cancel a plane ticket as I assumed. And as we all know, assuming makes an ass out of..well mostly me.

I discovered this during a series of lengthy calls to and US Airways, learning that if you cancel a ticket before the departure time they’ll give you the value of the ticket in credit for a new one as long as you use it toward the same airline and make your puchase within a year of the day the ticket was bought.


Maybe I should have thought to ask about that before but oh well. Very handy information for my situation (and maybe someone else’s as well) none the less!

The only catch is that (US Airways at least) charges a fee of $250 to spend your own credit..kinda ridiculous eh?


This Is What I Know September 15, 2009

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I was asked on a forum about what my fiance visa process was like, and thought ‘oh! thats why I started my blog! to explain the process! i’ll just point her to a post to read..’ and went diggin. But as I was looking, I realized that my posts were more story than information. Whoops. So, this post aims to remedy that! (Hopefully I can remember all the steps, it was a few months ago..)



Home Is Where the Heart Is

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117 days

I know it’s a hackneyed phrase one expects to see stitched on a old lady pillow, but I think there’s definitely some truth to it.

The thought occured to me when in a moment of frustration with the visa situation, I found myself thinking “I just want to go HOME!”

Which, right after it ran through my head, struck me as odd. Not only because I’m currently staying with my parents, in the house in which I grew up, in the town I was born in–but because the place I was longing to be was an apartment I’ve never been to, in a city I’ve barely seen.

I’ve flung myself to amazing distant lands that I’ve fallen in love with, but it only ever felt like home when the boy was there.


Murphy’s Law September 12, 2009

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120 days

Seeing as there are only 2 business days left with still no word from the consulate about my visa, it’s looking like I will miss yet another departure date. And I soooo thought it was going to come this time…

Now the boy is moving into our apartment without me, buying housewares without me, and spending the first night in our new place alone.

I also may end up staying on this side of the pond until October now as well (until the maximum amount of time a visa can take to process–according to the Brit consulate, is up). This would leave me not only pissed off and without my boy for far too long, but also only give me 2 months to finish planning and orchestrating the wedding since I’ve done all I can do from afar….grrrrr

Plus my employer hired my replacement since I thought I was leaving and he is just about all trained so, I’m not sure what will happen there if I end up staying longer again..

That is all. Just needed to rant and vent some frustration with ALL THE RED FUCKING TAPE keeping me stuck here, on the wrong continent.

The boy says wel’l laugh about this when it’s over but I dunno, I may take this bitterness to the grave. Ya hear me British Consulate! Watch yer back aight!

*takes a few deep breaths and goes back to feverishly checking her email*