Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

Murphy’s Law September 12, 2009

Filed under: the process — rhet @ 9:15 pm

120 days

Seeing as there are only 2 business days left with still no word from the consulate about my visa, it’s looking like I will miss yet another departure date. And I soooo thought it was going to come this time…

Now the boy is moving into our apartment without me, buying housewares without me, and spending the first night in our new place alone.

I also may end up staying on this side of the pond until October now as well (until the maximum amount of time a visa can take to process–according to the Brit consulate, is up). This would leave me not only pissed off and without my boy for far too long, but also only give me 2 months to finish planning and orchestrating the wedding since I’ve done all I can do from afar….grrrrr

Plus my employer hired my replacement since I thought I was leaving and he is just about all trained so, I’m not sure what will happen there if I end up staying longer again..

That is all. Just needed to rant and vent some frustration with ALL THE RED FUCKING TAPE keeping me stuck here, on the wrong continent.

The boy says wel’l laugh about this when it’s over but I dunno, I may take this bitterness to the grave. Ya hear me British Consulate! Watch yer back aight!

*takes a few deep breaths and goes back to feverishly checking her email*


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