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Don’t Tell the Bride September 16, 2009

Filed under: wholy matrimony — the boy @ 4:32 pm

Shhhhhhh! No I’m kidding, I’m not foolish enough to write on our shared blog about something the girl shouldn’t know.

Instead I’m writing about something that caught my attention recently and quite frankly, has bugged me ever since. For those that don’t know, in the UK there’s a television channel called BBC Three. Nothing wrong with that, I like the BBC and quite a few shows that are on that specific channel, but what I can’t stand is a show based on the assumption that men (or women) are useless.

The show called “Don’t Tell the Bride” is based on the principle that men sit back and do nothing whilst women plan every last detail of the wedding. The BBC offers to pay for their wedding (up to a limit of course) but with just one rule, the man has to plan the entire wedding, because of course, he must be useless at such a thing and therefore the whole thing will be a train wreck! Brilliant TV carnage must surely ensue!

Now I understand that men traditionally are less involved in weddings than women, but thats often because we aren’t exactly encouraged to participate. “It’s all about her!” is often quoted at me by men and women alike to which thankfully, the girl and I laugh and tell them it’s not so. Men are perfectly capable of planning a great wedding, as the show eventually goes on to usually prove, however the constant jabs at the husband to be’s ability to organise such an event make this program about as progressive as raising your daughter to believe her only choice is to be a stay at home mom.

I think the BBC execs might, in future, want to produce shows that have a little decorum and leave the trash TV to itv, because they seem so very good at it.


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