Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

Bonne Chance September 23, 2009

Filed under: travel — rhet @ 6:12 pm

108 days

In an effort to make better use of my time (instead of moping around the house, checking my email obsessively for a message from the consulate..) I’ve decided to start teaching myself French!

I’ve always wanted to learn the language and with our honeymoon set to be in Paris, I figure what better time to give it a go! Plus I won’t legally be allowed to work in the UK until January so I’ll have plenty of time to practice.

For now I’m using home made flash cards and free iphone apps to get started, but I was planning getting Rosetta Stone eventually.

Has anyone else used this program? Of course the website says lots of great things about it but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s given it a try as to whether or not they liked it!

wish me bonne chance!

In other news, the fair’s in town this week (biggest street fair in the state might i add), so i’ll get to fill up on the local delicacies (using the word delicacy lightyly here..) before heading out. I see funnel cake, caramel apples, fried oreos and apple dumplings in my future!


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