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It’s Official, its Harder for Men to Organise a Wedding September 30, 2009

Filed under: wholy matrimony — the boy @ 9:10 pm

You often hear complaints of wives to be having uninterested and unhelpful future husbands when it comes to organising a wedding. This may well be true, however it seems that should these men take an interest, perhaps try and organise a few parts of the wedding or in fact do pretty much anything with the word wedding attached will hit one common major pitfall.

So what is it? It’s fairly simple, they don’t really want to talk to you. Who doesn’t want to talk to you? Pretty much anyone, the venue, the registrar, the cake decorator, they’re all interested in talking to one person and that person really isn’t you.  As an example, we’ve chosen a beautiful venue which I checked out many months ago, I organised the place, signed for it, paid for it, gave them my contact details. But who do the correspondence letters always come addressed to? My fiancee of course, because clearly having been completely in control of the situation I am now redundant because there’s a woman they can contact.

This behaviour is very common in the wedding industry and something I’m starting to tire of, why make extra obstacles for the rare man who actually wants to help with his own wedding? You never know, he might actually be competent at it.


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