Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

It Works if You Work it, You’re Worth it! October 1, 2009

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100 days!

I knew that when we started planning the wedding, that it’d be fun, and stressfull  and complicated and that the boy and i would learn a lot about eachother and whats important to the two of us.

what i didnt anticipate, was how much i’d learn about myself in the process. part of it came from the barage of ‘why?’s i got from the boy when i rattled off all the stuff i wanted in/for the wedding. when i couldnt really answer his questions with any sort of logic, i realized i was getting sucked under the wedding industrial complex bus and if i didnt back away soon, i’d have bridezilla tiremarks all over my face.  After i made a mad dash in the other direction, the wedding dress (of dreams i never knew i had) was discovered.  And to my great great surprise, my whole family and the boy loved and supported me in wearing a tea length seafoam vintage green dress that was originally a nightgown during a January wedding in Scotland!  (I feel extremely lucky to have such supportive people around me)

Normally i’m someone who tends not to make very bold statements with my clothing, as i fear my lack of fashion sense will just make my best attempts at style all go horribly wrong. (i’m great with accessories though, i can rock some big bold earrings or a funky scarf  any day).  With some prodding from the boy and my family’s support of the dress, i felt a bit more confidence to explore other things that i loved the idea of, but never thought i could pull off. like a birdcage veil, a faux fur jacket to wear over my dress, a white crinoline skirt under my dress, thick liquid black lined eyes and red lipstick.  yes, this is the vision i have for myself on my wedding day and its better than i ever could have imagined. and surprisingly more me than i even realized.

so i’m thinking..if i can get pull that off on my wedding day, why not everyday?!?! not saying a veil or faux fur jacket is appropriate for every day wear but i’m certainly feeling a lot more confident and excited to give actually having a personal style another try.

now if i only had a ton of money to revamp my wardrobe and toss out all the i-don’t-really-like-this-but-wear-it-because-i-didnt-know-what-else-to-buy clothes i own.  anyone wanna nominate me for what not to wear or how to look good naked?


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