Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

Show and Tell! October 1, 2009

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99 days

I know the blog has been a bit text-heavy as of late which I fully plan to remedy when I get to the UK and actually start experiencing new things besides previously unheard of stress levels. But for now, I’ll tide you over, dear readers, with some pictures of things I’ve been raving about for ages. My wedding dress and the invites!

here she be!

here she be!

Excuse the blurry faces of my sister and I, this girl likes her internet anonymity (don’t ask me why I felt the need to blur the back of my cousin’s head). Also, I’ve now got a big poofy white crinoline peticoat to go under it, to give it a big more drama and shape. Better non-cellphone pictures of that to come!

The invitations…

invites, rsvp card and envelopes

invites, rsvp card and envelopes


Just try to guess our names, I dare ya! (Both of them are fairly unusual so really, good luck)

I love the silver strands in the paper and the fact that its a bit pulpy and unrefined. The photo doesnt do the paper justice for sure.


How awesome is it that the rsvp looks like a luggage tag? Thats right. Pretty effin awesome.


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