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Initial Impressions October 28, 2009

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Bellahouston Park, the path leading to the House for an Art Lover

Well, folks. I’ve been here in Glasgow for about 3 weeks now and slowly but surely the feeling of being a tourist and the general bewilderment about all the differences in the little things  is wearing off.  I’ve managed not to get hit by a single car when crossing the street (lets hope it stays that way..) and am learning to find my way around (with lots of help from google maps on my phone) despite the lack of a grid system and numbered streets that worked so well for me in Seattle.

Before I’d moved here, I heard that Glasgow had the best shopping in the UK outside of London and now being here, I totally believe it. On one hand, I love how easy it is to find reasonably priced and super fashionable clothes it is in this city, but equally frustrated with how difficult it is to find a decent pair of jeans that fit me properly! What gives Glasgow! Can’t complain too much though cause I’ve bought lots of amazing clothes (i was well overdue in updating my wardrobe) so far.

There are definitely some things that I find odd or frustrating,however.

1. How ultraconservative Brits seem to be with heat/hot water/electricity. Now, I’m all for conserving energy but these people take it to a whole new level. The heat is only turned on once you’re under a blanket on the couch and still cold, you program your water boiler thing to heat water only when you need it and heaven help me if I leave a lamp on once I’ve left a room!

2. How quietly people here speak. I definitely appreciate that people aren’t as loud mouthed as Americans can be, but it sure makes understanding a Glaswegian accent difficult if you can only hear it at a whisper. Especially for someone who’s been exposed to loud music all her life and doesn’t have the most  fantastic hearing like me..

3. The council tax office was a beautiful old building and the people were polite and helpful! Not a complaint obviously, but definitely a far cry from all the government buildings I’ve been to in the US thats for sure.

I’m sure I’ll think of more comparisons and observations to relay in the future but for now I’ll leave you with some more pictures of the city on a beautiful day. 🙂




3 Responses to “Initial Impressions”

  1. Hi! I just read your most recent post and couldn’t agree more about your observations! I even woke up one morning and could see my breath–while still under the covers–and my fiance acted like this was normal. What gives?!

    We’ve got the same general story–American girl meets British boy and moves across an ocean. I’m looking forward to reading a blog about an expat in a place other than London…and England, for that matter!

  2. kathleen Says:

    and one more thing…the brit consulate in LA is AWFUL!!

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