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Reading Week November 4, 2009

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I finally found a power converter that fits with my cameras battery charger so you’re in for some picturey goodness! Also, the boy has this week off from school (its ‘reading week’ but none one seems to know why it is the students have off) so we’re kind of half lazing around, half getting things done around the apartment.  I thought i’d use this time to take some random photos.

Ice Invaders!

Ice Invaders!

An impulse buy from my trip to Borders for birthday cards. I was going to put these epic ice trays to use today but our freezer can only hold the mini tub of ice  cream and coffee grounds. Guess I’ll have to just have to eat the ice cream.. By the way the picture on the back of the package is almost as awesome as the product itself:


high score in your highball!


We have a mail slot! I’ve always dreamed of having one, don’t ask me why. (forgive the big white boring door, if I had my way, I’d paint it red or something) Notice the ridiculous amount of locks and security measures on the door (theres 3 locks and 1 chain). We also have an ADT home alarm system. I’m convinced our land lady is extremely paranoid considering we live in a fairly nice neighborhood.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working really hard to make the apartment feel like ‘us’ which turned out to be a lot harder than I imagined because the place is fully furnished and the landlady had a very odd sense of mismatched DIY style (theres a big red leather sofa and a green leather chair..who puts red and green right next to each other in a non-christmas setting?!?) The kitchen has turned out to be so cute however, that I’m constantly cleaning it up to keep it all purdy. Thats a good sign.



so in love with my new apron. stage right



Now I’m off to to get ready to have some amazingly delicious chai tea at Tchai-Ovna (highly recommend it to anyone else in Glasgow or planning on a visit– this is the place that inspired me to have tea at the wedding instead of cake. Yes, the tea is THAT good). Then later tonight The Shaky Hands at The Captains Rest!


2 Responses to “Reading Week”

  1. I’d love to have a letter box in my front door again. Ain’t never gonna happen here in the US tho’!

    • the girl Says:

      Not completely true! I had a friend growing up that had a mail slot in her door. If you buy a house thats right on the street, you could always install one…

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