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Won’t Be Long Now November 25, 2009

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Man sitting under metal tree in Manchester

lovely countryside somewhere between Manchester and Glasgow from the train


Wow. 45 Days till the wedding! If you subtract the 2 weeks or so the boy and I will be spending with his parents in Manchester (and will get nothing done), that leaves about 3 weeks of time in Glasgow to get our stuff together!

Since switching to ‘in to do list we trust’ method, we’ve been getting lots done but theres still quite a bit left. Luckily, two major items fell into place easier than we expected. We found pretty much all of our chintzy mismatched teacups at one charity shop (and boy are they cute..I’m kind of hoping people don’t take them home so I can keep them). I was expecting to have to trawl around for days finding them all.

And after a very disheartening shopping trip through all the major stores selling suits in Glasgow, we discovered that any suit the boy even remotely liked was way out of our budget. Who wants to feel like they’re in a mediocre outfit on their wedding day? I certainly didnt want him to feel like that so I suggested we have a poke around ebay and huzzah!! a £375 Ted Baker suit (the boy loves TB) in excellent condition for £100. We got it in the mail a few days later and it fits, and is indeed in fantastic condition. Fantastic.

After disovering that there was no way an off the shelf ring would fit with mine because of the unique shape and twists in the metal, we met up with the jewelIers who made it got a ring custom made to fit mine (its a unique shape with twists in the band) and I’d love to be able to show it to you and wear it but I’ll just have to wait..won’t be long now folks.

So thats pretty much all the major items slowly working themselves into place..the last really important thing on the list is writing the ceremony. Though I have to admit I’ve been putting it off because its such a daunting task and I rarely have large chunks of time to work on it. Clearly, with the days counting down I need to get on it!!


2 Responses to “Won’t Be Long Now”

  1. Kristina Says:

    Hi There!
    Long story short, I just found out that you were linking to my blog and stopped by to see what yours was about. Holy crap! I think your blog is like the ‘next chapter’ of mine: Come to the UK and meet the boy. Check. Now, on to the wedding part. 🙂
    I’m still a ways away from where you are now (a few days from walking down the aisle), but I will most definitely be stopping by in the future to see what happens.

    Congratulations-and good luck!

  2. Mary Says:

    Congrats! I did it 2 years ago! Met a Portuguese man, working in Scotland, and we had a long distance back and forth relationship for a year and a half then decided to stop that and get married! We’ve been living in East Kilbride for 2 years and loving it.

    We should chat sometime!! email me!


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