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A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

It’s the Final Countdooown December 23, 2009

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Thought I put this picture up ages ago, guess not! The dress with tulle underskirt and faux-fur stole

I won’t be wearing the faux-fur stole during the ceremony but I love the thing! The little hanging ball/tassles are detachable though  and I can’t decide if i want to leave them or get a brooch instead..hmmm..

And with 17 days left till go time, the to do list is frightfully short and on one hand I feel like we kick ass for not having tons of last minute things to do. But on the other hand I feel like I must be forgetting lots of important things and deluding myself into a false sense of security…I’m the master procrastinator, how did this happen??

The stuff left is however, quite important but should be easy enough to accomplish in the week after Christmas once we return to Glasgow. Here’s what we got:

1. Drop off my engagement ring at the jewellers for polishing, pick up that and my wedding band as soon as its ready

2. Pick up the boy’s suit from the tailors

3. Decide on where to have the rehearsal diner (we did leave this one a bit late but seeing as it’ll be a small group, shouldn’t be a problem)

4. Write our vows and put finishing touches on the ceremony

5. Do a practice run with my hair/makeup

6. Meet with the events coordinator for final decisions on chair arrangement etc.

7. Find some tea pots to borrow

8. Work out final details with the sound guys

9. Pick up wedding schedule from the registrar

10. Finish off reception playlist/pick songs for ceremony

And thats about it! Thankfully we finished our Christmas shopping and present wrapping a couple of days ago as well, so the next week or so should be fairly relaxing.

The flaws of having a wedding so close to the holidays are becoming glaringly obvious however.  Not being able to keep away  from sweets has always been my downfall and now it’s near impossible, especially since we’re staying with the boy’s parents and I can’t just refuse to keep them in the house to avoid temptation like we normally would.  Being out of Glasgow also means no access to our gym. Thank god for Spanx!

And speaking of Spanx, their arrival in the post marked the completion of my wedding outfit! I have to say the hardest piece to track down was definitely a bra that worked with my dress.  I needed something strapless that would keep my…lets say volumptuous..bangers in check, low cut in the back, what they call ‘plunging’ aka won’t show when worn with a deep v-neck dress, and doesnt ride up my armpits (being short gives you that problem). And of course after endless hours of shopping around Glasgow and searching for this mecca of a bra, I end up ordering one I’d tried on at David’s Bridal in the States this past summer! Go figure.


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