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Next Stop..London December 24, 2009

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A display that the Natural History Museum whose relevance to history I don't really understand but find humorous


Huge cities intimidate me. New York, Paris, London, LA, etc. I love visiting them but their chaotic and bustling nature can really fluster and overwhelm my inner country girl at times. Places like Seattle and Glasgow feel perfect to me. Big enough to have lots of culture and interesting things going on, but not so big as to feel impersonal.  The boy’s best opportunity for a job (after he graduates in 2011) will certainly be in London  however, and he is quite keen on relocating. An idea I certainly wasn’t sold on.

Real story:

Our weekend in “The Big Smoke” began with one  flustered and anxious girl and one (thankfully) travel-savvy boy hopping around on the underground at rush hour with a bunch of bags. Buckets of fun.

Then, upon meeting our hosts (the boy’s best man and his girlfriend, from now on referred to as L and J) I discovered that no one but me was at all interested in hitting the major tourist spots which made me feel a bit like the stupid American girl who’d never been anywhere.

It all turned out fabulously though because L&J took us through some amazing back street markets and areas that I’d definitely would have never found on my own (and was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures of!). Then the next day when L&J had to work, the boy and I set off on our own tourist-hot-spot-inspired traipse around London.  Best of both worlds.

And now I have to say I’ve become quite enamoured with the place and am actually quite looking forward to making it my home in a few years time! Enough talk, now pictures!

like the occassionally picture happy tourist I am, I took a ton of pics of Tower Bridge but I'll show you just my favorite from a nice sunny day

The Globe Theater

a cute little alley on the way to the Design Museum

How cool are these coffee machines from the Dieter Rams exhibition at the Design Museum

another one from the Design Museum, 70's hairdryers

The Gherkin!

The squirrels in Hyde Park are not shy!

Buckingham Palace, I have better pictures but they have me in them..

Big Ben

I couldn't get far enough away to do this building justice but you get the idea. MASSIVE and wonderfully ornate

Escalator in the the center of the Earth!

I’ve got way more pictures but I think that will conclude our visual tour through my recent memories of London.


3 Responses to “Next Stop..London”

  1. Glad you got to do the touristy stuff anyway – they should’ve understood that as a ‘foreigner’ you needed to do that!

  2. canamgirl Says:

    Absolutely loved your pictures; reminded me of a week I spent there two years ago. Thank you for sharing your travels!

  3. kathleen Says:

    i can not believe that squirrel!! that photo was great. best of luck with the last minute wedding bits. we’re getting married in september, and there is so much to do i’m just putting it off. i’ve got time, right!? happy new year!

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