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Familiar Faces February 27, 2010

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No matter how far away I move, I always seem to find strangers that look exactly like someone I know from home. Sometimes when I get a  closer look, they turn out to look nothing like the person I thought they did, but sometimes I could swear they were twins! Maybe its my mind looking for familiarity in a crowd of strangers or maybe people just don’t look that different.  It seems that at least once while I’m out in town my heart will skip a beat thinking I’ve seen my Dad, a friend I used to work with, a cousin, etc.

Any other expats (or even someone with nomadic tendencies) found this? No? Just me?


Shrove Tuesday February 25, 2010

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British style pancakes, usually eaten for dessert! Image courtesy of BBC's Good Food

In New Orleans they call it Fat Tuesday and do the whole Mardi Gras thing, in Pennsylvania we call it Fastnacht Day and eat lots of donuts-like pastries with no hole in the center. Here in the UK, it’s traditional to eat pancakes.  Excellent! I love pancakes and what better an excuse to eat them.

So for Shrove Tuesday we  had some friends over and I made a big batch of American style cinnamon raison pancakes. (I have yet to try the the British version of pancakes which are halfway between crepes and the American fluffy version). It was my first time making pancakes from scratch (normally we’d just buy the box mix and add milk and an egg) but they turned out fabulously if I do say so myself! I never remember to take pictures of these things so you’ll just have to imagine it. Plus my food tends to taste a whole lot better than it looks!

Despite moaning about how much of a pain it is to measure and find ingredients in the UK sometimes, I have really gotten into cooking lately. It’s definitely a hobby I never really saw myself taking up! So far my favorites have been Peanut Pad Thai, eggplant (or aubergine) parmesan, mango ginger frozen yogurt, honey-balsamic grilled chicken, peanut satay I just need to find a recipe box!

I get most of my ideas and recipes off and tweak them to my own tastes and what we have in the fridge..where do you get your cooking inspiration?


Spring February 11, 2010

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While my hometown in the US is getting hammered with snow, we’re beginning to see the first signs if spring here in Glasgow! It hasn’t been any warmer really but the sun’s been shining and on my way to the gym yesterday (round 4:30pm) it was still light out!! Usually it’s pitch dark by that time and the last I paid attention, the sun was setting at 3:30.

When it is a bit warmer, I really want to try lawn bowling, which is apparently an old person thing to do but it sounds fun! Spending an afternoon with some drinks, friends, snacks in the sun! I’ll also be visiting my family this summer and can’t wait to take full advantage of my parents swimming pool!


Pollok Country Park February 9, 2010

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My maid of honor from the the wedding and childhood best friend (we’ll call her B) stayed a week longer than the rest of my family to see the sights of Glasgow. While I’d done my best to show them all the coolest stuff in the city and the castle of Edinburgh, B had come to Scotland expecting a bit more country, rolling hills, sheep, the lot. So to this end, we set out to Pollok County Park and the Burrel Collection (an art museum) on her last day here.  This is what we saw!

highland cows!

I have a slight obsession with Highland cows and think they are the cutest thing on the planet. I took lots more pictures of these adorable ginger beasts but will move on to more interesting things..

Wildlife Garden

The Wildlife Garden was closed, but I’ll go again over the summer and try again!

Clydesdale Horses

I turned a corner and there were these mammoth horses! They were having their hooves..reshoed? Is that the proper term? Probably not but I’m no horse expert. I stood and watched them for at least 5 minutes, quite taken by their huge, beautiful and muscled bodies.

the stable house front

Let’s pretend there are old fashioned carriages instead of cars there.

a lovely stone bridge

Pollok House

I had no idea this house was even in the park, so when we walked past it, B and I were flabbergasted!

part of the house gardens

This place made me feel like I was in the movies Secret Garden or Black Beauty! The inside of the house is equally extraordinary as its full of the original family’s personal collection of mostly Spanish art. Because of the art, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the inside of the house or the Burrel Collection but highly recommend both!  B and I indulged with a personal guided tour around the Burrel Collection which was absolutely fabulous! I learned so much more about what I was seeing than if we’d just wandered around and read the plaques.


Did I really just say that? February 7, 2010

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I know it sounds a bit strange to say this because they’re considered by many to be the epitome of evil.  But I kind of miss Walmart.

Being a bit of a night owl, I loved being able to do my shopping late at night when the place was practically empty. No chance of that here in Glasgow where everything shuts by 10 or 11pm latest.  Oh, how I miss 24hr convenience.

Now, I know living in the city not every neighborhood has the space for a full sized grocery store. (The stores in Seattle remedied this by having 2 levels, hint hint Glasgow!) Trying to navigate the tiny isles of our local Tesco’s, scanning  a super packed shelf 10 times before finally spotting what I’m looking for is such a hassle though!   Adding to my shopping stress is the fact that no matter what time of day I go, the store’s busy and people are rushing around like mad.

Sure, this probably frustrates me a lot more than it should. And I’ll probably forget it even bothered me soon enough. But at the moment, I’m in a jobless limbo (another visa application in the works) and have taken up cooking as my newest hobby which requires spending a lot of time in both the kitchen and the grocery store.

And my time in the kitchen hasn’t been exactly  a breeze (for me) either. I knew I wouldn’t need my American cups  but I didn’t realize I’d need to get a scale and weigh everything! Certainly sticking things in a cup is an easier system than weighing them out! And because I haven’t gotten around to buying a scale yet, I’m having to convert all of my recipes to tablespoons. Now, counting 56 tablespoons of this and 33 of that is what I call fun. NOT.