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Did I really just say that? February 7, 2010

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I know it sounds a bit strange to say this because they’re considered by many to be the epitome of evil.  But I kind of miss Walmart.

Being a bit of a night owl, I loved being able to do my shopping late at night when the place was practically empty. No chance of that here in Glasgow where everything shuts by 10 or 11pm latest.  Oh, how I miss 24hr convenience.

Now, I know living in the city not every neighborhood has the space for a full sized grocery store. (The stores in Seattle remedied this by having 2 levels, hint hint Glasgow!) Trying to navigate the tiny isles of our local Tesco’s, scanning  a super packed shelf 10 times before finally spotting what I’m looking for is such a hassle though!   Adding to my shopping stress is the fact that no matter what time of day I go, the store’s busy and people are rushing around like mad.

Sure, this probably frustrates me a lot more than it should. And I’ll probably forget it even bothered me soon enough. But at the moment, I’m in a jobless limbo (another visa application in the works) and have taken up cooking as my newest hobby which requires spending a lot of time in both the kitchen and the grocery store.

And my time in the kitchen hasn’t been exactly  a breeze (for me) either. I knew I wouldn’t need my American cups  but I didn’t realize I’d need to get a scale and weigh everything! Certainly sticking things in a cup is an easier system than weighing them out! And because I haven’t gotten around to buying a scale yet, I’m having to convert all of my recipes to tablespoons. Now, counting 56 tablespoons of this and 33 of that is what I call fun. NOT.


7 Responses to “Did I really just say that?”

  1. Mary Says:

    I SOOOO miss Walmart!! They have those yummy Valentine cupcakes this time of year, with the yummy frosting. Oh to dream.

    There is a Tesco in Glasgow (by the Silverburn Mall) and it is 24 hr. There is an ASDA (owned by Wally world) in HAmilton that is also 24 hours. It took me a year and a half to realize this.

    Go to: (it’s not a church), it is conversions from the metric system!!!! I use it ALL the time for baking! Makes it SO much easier. It’s got everything.

    Have you check on for small little jobs? I did some survey work and babysitting and such for the year I was unemployed when I first moved here. It is a great resource to get you out of the house and doing something for some extra cash.

  2. canamgirl Says:

    I think that was my greatest challenge overseas; entering into a grocery store and trying to find the “necessities.” Not only are they not as conveniently situated as the local Walmart; but they have different NAMES for everything!!
    Hang in there…maybe Walmart will go Euro yet 😉

  3. I’ve been told that for baking, weighing is a better way to go. Measuring by volume can produce inconsistent results.

  4. DaviMack Says:

    Feel free to ask, if you can’t figure out the name of something – we’ll help. We mostly shop online at (costs a few £ for delivery, but … it’s worth it).

    • Carlie Says:

      thanks! I do really like using tesco’s online shop and delivery, but living literally less than a block from the shop makes me feel a bit guilty using it.

  5. Kristen Says:


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