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TXT March 28, 2010

Filed under: daily life — rhet @ 12:13 pm

Brits are text crazy. I noticed this first when I moved here and all of the plans the hubby made with friends were via text. Obviously, Americans text a lot too. For example, one of my friends from high school sent enough messages to win $10,000 from AT&T in a texting contest.

But here, even my dentist sends me reminders about my appointments via text as has the UK Border Agency just now***. The hubby and I signed up for our phone plans via text. A couple of days ago, I bought tickets to see a band via text. Every other commercial (or advert as theyd call it here) on TV is promoting some service you can sign up for with a few quick taps.

The hubby and I were even able to donate to the British charity Sport Relief with a quick text after watching the inspiring story of Eddie Izzard. (He ran 43 some marathons in 51 days from London, up to Glasgow and back! The documentary “Marathon Man” is definitely with watching, check it out here on the BBC iPlayer)

*** My interview with the Border Agency for my next visa (the one that will let me stay for another 2 years) is tomorrow! Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “TXT”

  1. YAY for the visa! That is awesome!!!

    I agree with the whole text thing. It is so crazy here. Everything is a text, not a phone call.

    I think it is hilarious now that you mentioned it!

  2. Hope the interview went well. I have a few American friends who text a lot, but Brits seem to have adopted the technology much faster I think.

  3. Holly Says:

    I had to go through passport interviews…I feel your pain (although, I was also detained in customs for 5 hours at arrival…THAT was an even higher level of awesome). The texting is out of control here…my contact at an employment agency texted me…and OLD people text here. My uncle is 70something and texts like a fiend….crazy.

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