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Get Sprung April 7, 2010

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window box and teacup flowers

After enduring my first dreary winter in Glasgow, I’m definitely ready for spring. To help get our flat feeling more cheery, T and I took a trip to Home Base (the UK equivalent to Home Depot or Lowes) for some window boxes and lots of pretty things to fill them with. Neither of us have ever really grown anything on our own so when deciding on how many plants we’d need to fill the boxes, we totally overestimated leaving us with nearly 2 dozen extra flowers. Whoops! So with no more windows to put a box in, we scrounged around for anything to stick them in and came up with mason jars and teacups to a pretty lovely result if I do say so myself! I love being able to make use of all the charity shop teacups we bought for the wedding, instead of having them packed away in a box. Now let’s hope I have my mother’s green thumb!

In other domestic news, our rogue washing machine which was broken for about 3 weeks, and holding most of my favorite clothes hostage (thanks to it being a front loading machine with the handy feature of auto-locking the door) has finally been restored to working order! It only took more than a dozen phone calls to the letting agency’s maintenance department..

oooh shiny

And we’ve finally acquired a toaster! Color me easily amused but as a person who really loves toast (or pretty much any sort of carb that can be shoved in a toaster) using the grill built into the oven just doesn’t cut it. Not only does it take forever, but by the time you pull the slices out to butter ’em up, they’re cold and the butter won’t melt.  Certainly a flaw for any supposed toasting device in my opinion.  Our new toaster, however, has all the bells n whistles including variable browning control as the box describes it, which cracks me up every time I think about it.


5 Responses to “Get Sprung”

  1. That does look pretty! What plants did you buy?

    It may have been a dreary winter, but at least you can plant things outside already. I’ve got to wait till the end of May to be sure my plants won’t get frost-bitten!

    I buy plants for the pots on my deck every year and my husband is always amazed at how many plants I manage to cram into each pot. The over-stuffed planters look great from the get-go instead of waiting for them to fill out. I did rather overdo it with the tomatoes for the front porch last year – OMG, they were enormous! Sadly, almost every single tomato succumbed to blossom end rot!

  2. Pretty plants! Glad you have some life in your flat!

    Letting agents are quite a pain here, aren’t they? Here’s hoping you have better luck than we: we’ve now gone 2 winters without heat, in 2 different flats!

  3. Carlie Says:

    Almost American: I don’t really know what all the plants are, I just picked out the prettiest ones haha! I know some are different varieties of Violas..and I also planted some parsley, Strawberries (we’ll see how that goes..), and mini carrots!

    David: I have to say getting important things sorted here is wayyy more difficult! Theres always 3 more unnecessary steps to getting something done than I expect.

  4. Yes! Every repair takes a visit in person in order to get it sorted out, and usually multiple trips because they never have the right tools to address the issue, and they’ll have to call in a specialist or three, and that’s a matter of waiting for days. Plus, the builders will usually arrive at 4:45 on a Friday, and by the time they’ve figured out which part(s) they think they’ll need, the supply store is closed, so they’ll have to come back on Monday or Tuesday, and it’s ’round and ’round and ’round….

  5. Umm… no blogging since April? what’s up with that? Still here?

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