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NYC Part 1: Funkytown October 4, 2010

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To make the most of our trip the the States, we broke it up into 3 parts. First we flew into Philly and spent a couple of days at my parent’s place, getting over jetlag and spending quality time with my immediate family. I was soo glad we did this, it was really helpful to be acclimated to the weather and time change before getting to the city because boy did we keep ourselves busy! Where my family vacations tend to be the ‘lounge by the beach’ types, T’s family goes for the ‘itinerary full to the max’ variety.

the funky entrance

our all yellow bathroom, complete with floor to ceiling glass wall in the shower!

For the first half of the week, we stayed in a really hip, modern hotel in the Lower East Side. Our room was on the 19th floor, right below the penthouse suite and the view was stunning.Also, the bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on EVER and it was massive. When T and I went to sleep, we didn’t even touch let alone whack eachother during the night!

the room!

I really liked the neighborhood as well, full of cute little boutiques, bars with great music and it had a great atmosphere.  The first floor of the hotel turned into a hoppin’ night club in the evening and it was really fun to come back in the evening, greeted by extremly friendly bouncers who let us in ahead of all the people waiting to get inside. Definitely makes a person feel VIP!

Another one of my favorite things about the area was Babycakes Bakery. They’re cakes and cookies are so tasty that you’d never know they were vegan! Alright, you might guess that they’re not normal baked goods but they’re still delicious enough for it not to matter which is an impressive feat in my eyes.  I really enjoyed having a drink at Spitzer’s Corner as well, with their giant windows that opened up onto the street which makes for a great people watching spot. There are tons of places that do this in Glasgow as well, but I have to say, a NYC summer makes it even nicer!

they had a huge selection of beer on tap, I had the Speakeasy Prohibition Ale!

We were really lucky to have fabulous weather during the whole week. We definitely took advantage of this and used the Staten Island Ferry as a good (free!) way to see the skyline from a bit of a distance. And who doesn’t love a free boat ride?

Coming soon: NYC part 2: Ritzytown!

i don't really know what that means..

lady liberty!


2 Responses to “NYC Part 1: Funkytown”

  1. Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing about it, and for the pictures!

  2. amber Says:

    I need your help! I will soon be applying for a partner visa with my British boyfriend and am already hearing horror stories. Don’t want to type full details here, do you mind emailing me?
    I see you have gotten your visa and would LOVE to hear your input/advice!!!!!

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