Around the World in 180 Days

A journey across the Atlantic and into matrimony

It Works if You Work it, You’re Worth it! October 1, 2009

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100 days!

I knew that when we started planning the wedding, that it’d be fun, and stressfull  and complicated and that the boy and i would learn a lot about eachother and whats important to the two of us.

what i didnt anticipate, was how much i’d learn about myself in the process. part of it came from the barage of ‘why?’s i got from the boy when i rattled off all the stuff i wanted in/for the wedding. when i couldnt really answer his questions with any sort of logic, i realized i was getting sucked under the wedding industrial complex bus and if i didnt back away soon, i’d have bridezilla tiremarks all over my face.  (more…)


The Good Give Up September 3, 2009

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129 days

This weeks lesson: learning to let go! It’s really easy as a bride to want to control/plan/coordinate every little teeny tiny detail of everything. With my wedding being overseas, I was even trying my hardest to coordinate all the guests accomodations and flights. But all that coordinating is drivin me insane and I’ve got plenty of stress on my plate as it is, so i’m givin up! I can’t do anything about making my visa arrive any quicker, I can’t make people get their passports or buy their plane tickets or book their hotels. I can’t convince people to make up their mind now about whether or not they’d be coming. I was trying to do all these things for people to help them, save them money but I just can’t anymore. I’m done.

My maid of honor can buy whatever funky mismatching shoes she wants! Who cares! Her dress is floor length anyway!

If only 10 people make it to our shinding, oh well! More food n booze n room on the dancefloor for us!