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NH yeS or No? September 11, 2009

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121 days

Today I got a root canal for $25.

The same procedure my mother had a few years ago at a private dentists’ office and paid $750 because she didn’t have insurance.

So how did I get mine for so cheap? Thanks to a government program at a dental clinic that bases your fees on your salary, I was assesed to be poor enough to only pay a small percentage of the fees. Whoohoo!

I’ve been to a few of these clinics that offer health services on a sliding scale now since I have no health insurance, and always found them perfectly pleasant and efficient, suggesting (in my eyes) that America may in fact be capable of decent socialized healthcare.

Now, I’m not saying that Americas health services are perfect, or suggesting that occasional clinic visits are a replacement for having a regular GP or dentist. I’m just wondering how pleasant I’ll find the UK’s NHS in comparison.

I know there’s been a big uproar of Brits standing up to defend their precious NHS against American criticism, but I have to admit I am concerned about the quality of care I will eventually recieve when more dental work is required. I’ve read tons of other expat bloggers tell unsettling stories and outright refusals to partake in the system. With so many people complaining, there’s gotta be something to it right?

Only time will tell, and I’ll be sure to report my experiences.