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What’s In a Name? August 5, 2009

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158 days

I woke up to a few different blog posts addressing the issue of to change or not to change one’s last name after getting married in my rss feeds this morning (specifically Broke-Ass-Bride and OffBeatBride) so I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

I decided as far back as I remember considering it, to keep my last name when I would get married. It’s not really that I think my name is particularly awesome, its not ‘pretty’ sounding exactly as its German but it is pretty much nickname proof, and one of the main things that connects the huge group of people that is my family.

That was until my senior year of high school when I had to change my last name. I won’t go into the details as to why it was necessary to do so, but I was not happy. Not only did I loose the last name that tied me to my family, I was now stuck with a name that was doomed to be be mispronounced as a word that means ‘poop’. Fantastic! It also bothered me because I did not exactly get along with the family whose name I had taken and wasn’t thrilled to have their name instead of the one I’d grown up with.

A few years after the name change, I met my future husband and upon learning of his awesome last name, decided the perfect solution was to take his last name! Only it wouldnt be out of tradition or ownership (which is kind of how I view it), it’d just be a good excuse to steal his cool name. Plus it works really well with my first name.

Though, as I write this, I’m wondering if maybe I should take my old last name back instead? Is that legal in Scotland? Or maybe I should take it and his last name too? Hmmm decisions, decisions..