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only for those with True Grit August 26, 2009

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137 days

Well folks, it’s been a stressful couple of weeks but despite some costly (both financial and emotional) setbacks, I think we’re just about back on track.

The scoop: my visa did not come in time for our September 2nd departure date (and as of now, has still yet to arrive) so the boy is now on the other side of the pond without me which sucks big time. I missed out on spending time with his family, going to London and finally meeting his best man.

But alas, the new plan is for me to fly out on September 16th, provided the British Consulate sees fit to give me my passport back by then with the necessary paperwork. In short, we’re hoping, praying, meditating, crossing our fingers toes and eyes that it comes this week so we don’t have to drop another $400 on changing my flight.

I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS SMALL CONSERVATIVE TOWN, out of my parents house, out of a temporary living situation and start my new life with the boy already!! This living in limbo is driving me absolutely bonkers if you haven’t noticed.

The things keeping me from going totally whacko taco off the deep end? Books mostly. Thank god for the trip to Barnes and Nobles we made a few days before the boy left. I picked up a buy two get one free Hunter S. Thompson deal and the OffBeat Bride book. (Side note, has anyone else had a ‘dirty chai’ aka chai tea with a shot of espresso? i had my first at B&N–my oh my was it delicious!)

Speaking of things I’ve newly become a fan of, I made my first purchases at Sephora yesterday. My maid of honor and i spent quit a bit of time in there, testing things out and looking for the perfect shades of this or that and it was totally worth it. I tested out my new goodies as soon as I came home and I do believe i’ve got my wedding look down! Hooray, another thing checked off the list. So psyched about having found a red lipstick i can wear that matches the tones of my face. Now how to keep it off the boys face when we say I do..hmmm…


Wanted: passport with stamp July 10, 2009

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The British Consulate should have a way to check the status of my
visa online or something. I don’t actually feel that nervous about it anymore though, there’s only so much fretting one can do.